Sunday, April 19, 2009

2009 Top Yough Race

The Second Annual First Official Isaac Ludwig Memorial Top Yough Race was held on Sunday, April 19.
Geoff Calhoun won, (completing his weekend sweep) followed by Matt Fithian, Matt Walker (pictured above), Jay Ditty (c-1) and Evan Garcia (short boat). Full results and multimedia coverage should be available soon at Immersion Research and/or LVM. Evan, in addition to killing it in his Jefe, gets special note because he had never paddled this river before.

The race was from above Swallow Falls to the bottom of Suckhole rapid, which at race flows (323 cfs) is a 10-13 minute race.

Hanging out after the race.

Nori Onishi and Shawn Yingling entering Swallow Falls.

Much thanks to Roger, John, Walter and Matt for administration and timing for the race- it was good fun and much appreciated guys.

I have few more photos at my picasaweb account. If I hear of more, I'll link to them later.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Big Sandy Race

Photo by Katie Buddenberg. Thanks Katie!

Saturday, April 18, a group of usual suspects met at the take out and hashed out the 2009 Big Sandy Race. Jay Ditty was the ringleader, and Willy Witt clocked everyone in at the finish line. I served as start timer, sending racers off at one-minute intervals.
We raced from the put-in bridge at Rockville to the pool below Little Splat, roughly 1.66 miles.
The level was 5.7 ft.
This race was easy to do and fun. We should have more of these all over the place!

Special Thanks to the safety folks at Wonder Falls and Little Splat.

1. Geoff Calhoun Greenboat 13:52
2. Matt Walker T-slalom 14:01
3. Brian Menzies Greenboat 14:10
4. Jay Ditty Response c-1 14:11
5. Dave Gore Response 15:09
6. Shawn Yingling Vortex 15:16
7. Ed Gaker Nomad 15:17
8. Jake Greenbaum Nomad 15:26
9. Nori Onishi Cerro 15:47
10. JB Seay Burn 15:50
11. Ben Dunham Nomad 15:55
12. Lila Thomas Greenboat 16:12
13. Willis Phillips Phat 16:37

After hanging out and chatting a bit, these four decided to add a 2nd leg: Above Big Splat to below First Island.

1. Geoff Calhoun Greenboat 16:30
2. Jay Ditty Response c-1 16:50
3. Brian Menzies Greenboat 17:10
4. Jake Greenbaum Nomad 18:26