Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Its A Family Tradition

My Dad and I have been doing whitewater trips together for about 15 years. He helped me learn this sport, and we have had some fun adventures over the years. We got into the habit of doing a river on or around Fathers Day to make sure we got on the water together at least once a year. I now have kids of my own, and these trips are even more special.

The first trip was with Patrick, at 18months on the New River:Fire Creek Pool between Thurmond and Cunard

He enjoyed the trip, and giggled when we went through the waves, but I don't think he really got the river until next year, when we went out in duckies on the same stretch.

In 2008 we did the Cheat Narrows in duckies, his third time down that river. He had a great time, yelling directions to hit waves and insisting on having a paddle.

This year I was on a trip to California, which I will get all written up soon, so we did our Fathers Day celebration in July. This year, we had a new member on our team:

Isaac joins the Seay Family New River Rafting Team. I look forward to years of trips and memories.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Whitewater Blogger Malapropism of the Day

Its CHOCK full people. Not chalk full. As in "Dude, that river is chock full of wood"
Its like Chock full o'Nuts, but different.
You might also say "A log was chocked well overhead in the narrow canyon, evidence of high water" But you might as well use wedged that way nobody gets confused.